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Benefit from our unique technology!
With a circumferential backlash of less than 0.1 angular minute, gears from Melior Motion are considered to be virtually backlash-free. Thanks to our patented design for wear regulation, the circumferential backlash of the gears remains unchanged over the entire service life.

This makes our innovative precision gears ideal for your challenging industrial applications in robotics and automation. We supply application-specific solutions as well as special gears – for your individual requirements.


High-precision Melior Motion® gearboxes

Our precision Melior Motion® gearboxes of the standard PSC  series are available in seven sizes – in solid and hollow shaft versions. The entire series is characterized by a long service life and a high efficiency of ≥ 90%.
The gearboxes are a patented planetary design with an integrated helical gear stage.
High torques, together with high tilting and torsional stiffness, allow precise positioning at all times. All sizes are available as sub-assemblies or fully enclosed gearbox units, with motor adaption.


Einbausatz PSC-V/H-B

Sub-assemblies PSC-V / H-E

The PSC-V / H-E sub-assemblies are particularly low-backlash gearboxes and are mainly used in the field of robotics. More about our sub-assemblies

Your advantage:
The gearboxes can be mounted directly to your equipment and offer the highest accuracy even in the area of small torques and small movements.

Getriebeblock PSC-V/H-B

Fully enclosed gearboxes PSC-V / H-B

Our fully enclosed PSC-B gearboxes are standardly filled with a standard mineral-based oil. Thanks to various interfaces, the most common servomotors can be adapted without problems. More about our gearboxes. More about our gearboxes

Other advantages:
An extremely compact gearbox, high drive, acceleration and emergency stop moments as well as drive speeds of up to 6,000min-1.

Kundenspezifisches Getriebe

Customised gearboxes

Whether it is a new development or an optimisation of existing products, we offer gearboxes specially tailored to your applications. According to your specifications and requirements, we manufacture specific precision gearboxes, consisting of planetary, spur, helical or bevel gear stages. More about our customer-specific gearboxes

Your advantages:
The gearbox is individually adapted to your application.
This gives you the optimal solution, especially for your requirements.

Here you can download our catalogues and CAD data.

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