With a torsional backlash of ≤ 0.1 angular minute and a lost motion of ≤ 0.6 angular minute, the gears from Melior Motion are particularly precise and at the same time quiet. (Source: Melior Motion)

  • All axes of the KR IONTEC contain Melior Motion gears
  • High positioning accuracy due to low friction in the gearbox
  • Drive solutions make robots particularly quiet

Hamelin, 26th October 2021 – The KR IONTEC from KUKA is one of the most versatile robots on the market – highly precise, flexible and at the same time quiet. This is partly due to the built-in gears: All six axes of the robot are equipped with precision gears from Melior Motion GmbH. This makes the KR IONTEC not only highly precise, but also the quietest KUKA robot in its payload class, which in turn creates benefits for occupational health and safety. In addition, thanks to the gearbox, machine availability increases. Melior Motion supplies the robotics and automation specialist with customer-specific variants of the PSC series, among other things.

The areas of application of the KR IONTEC could hardly be more different: In addition to “pick and place” applications, where high dynamics and short cycle times are crucial, the robot is also used for high-precision applications such as laser welding. The previous model was particularly characterized by its precision. This is what KUKA customers appreciated and expected the same from the successor. The precision gears from Melior Motion do their part so that this claim can be realized. And also make the robot in the medium payload class particularly quiet.

Close cooperation in gearbox development

Both companies worked together before the KR IONTEC project. “We wanted to position ourselves more broadly in order to expand our transmission supplier portfolio,” says Thomas Kugler from the Advanced Procurement Operations department at KUKA, describing the approach. “In our smaller robot, the KR CYBERTECH, two axes are equipped with Melior motion gears. We were so satisfied with that that we rely entirely on the PSC gearbox for the KR IONTEC,” continues the employee in purchasing. The gearbox sub-assemblies are built into the robot in six different sizes – from the PSC030 to the PSC500. These two – the smallest and the largest gearbox – were developed by the engineers in Hamelin especially for use in the KR IONTEC.

 Gearboxes work precisely and quietly

With a torsional backlash of ≤ 0.1 angular minute and a lost motion of ≤ 0.6 angular minute, the gears are particularly precise – also in comparison to other planetary and cycloid gears. This very high level of accuracy has its origin in the conical toothing of the output stage. This presses the teeth of the planetary gears into one another and ensures that the gear unit is free of backlash. “A patented, self-regulating gear system maintains this over the entire service life,” explains Martina Zaremba, Head of Sales and Marketing at Melior Motion. The very good positioning accuracy of the robot is due, among other things, to the low friction in the gearbox. This also leads to lower energy consumption and a longer service life and thus better machine availability due to the lower thermal stress on the transmission components.



All six axes of the KR IONTEC are equipped with precision gears from Melior Motion. (Source: KUKA)


    “The machines also have a very pleasant noise behavior and work extremely quietly,” reports Bernhard Kögl, Senior Developer Domain Gears at KUKA, about another special feature. “We also get this feedback from our customers,” says Michael Laub, Product Manager at KUKA. “In addition to the very high accuracy and performance, the KR IONTEC is probably the quietest robot in this payload class that is currently on the market.” The basis for this are the particularly quiet gears from Melior Motion. The helically toothed input stage makes the drive solutions so quiet. Above all, this has advantages for occupational health and safety: This is becoming increasingly important in many companies. Especially when there are several machines in a production hall, the significantly lower noise level has a positive effect on the well-being of the employees.