The PSD gearboxes combine the highest precision with fast reverse moments. Varying product weights and different pick & place paths can be handled effortlessly by the precision gearboxes PSD.

The spur gear with special toothing enables a very low backlash of ≤ 0.5 arcmin, which guarantees constant precision over the entire service life. The drive speed of up to 6,000 min-1 ensures enormous accuracy even in the range of low torques. The available ratios range from 20.044 … 51.698.

This special robotic gearbox was originally developed for use in Delta robots. Today our special and robotic gearboxes are used in nearly all areas with very specific requirements.


Features and benefits of PSD gearboxes

High cycle numbers and short, fast reversing movements with a simultaneously high duty cycle are the special characteristics of the PSD gears.

The gear parts are precision ground and are produced exclusively in Europe. The special gearing ensures a quick change of direction and thus also enables S1 operation.

The low friction and high efficiency contribute to low energy consumption and thus to higher energy efficiency.

The motor is mounted individually via a variable interface and thus enables simple adaptation of common servo motors. Maintenance is not necessary thanks to lifetime lubrication.

Thanks to its low noise emission, the noise exposure in the working environment is kept low – the running noise is 68 db(A).

Further information about our PSD gearboxes can be found here: Special PSD gearboxes